On April 2, 2018 the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) organized in cooperation with the Hellenic Police a dissemination event at its premises in Athens, Greece. The purpose of this event was to present to the relevant Divisions and Branches of the Hellenic Police, the objectives, progress and expected results of selected ongoing R&D projects. Presentations focused particularly to projects having direct interest and relation to policing technology, tangible results and close to operations outcomes. The event hosted approximately one hundred active officers from various Police Directorates as well as personnel of the Ministry of Interior/Citizen Protection. SAYSO was included in the list of the selected projects and its scope, approach and operational perspectives were presented to the audience. In a following discussion table, ideas and opinions shared between the SAYSO team of KEMEA and the representatives of Hellenic Police and the Ministry of Interior regarding the multi-stakeholder aspects of the project and the operational capabilities such approach can bring to the crisis management situations in which Police forces and first responders of the Ministry are involved.