SAYSO and SmartResilience will jointly organise their final conference in Budapest, Hungary on 15-17 April 2019.

This exciting event, entitled "EU initiative towards advanced situational awareness and enhanced resilience", will allow attendees to review the final results & findings of SAYSO and SmartResilience and attend a series of sessions such as:

  • A review of the needs of EU practitioners collected by SAYSO and other EU projects,
  • An insight into the issues & challenges met during cross-border and multi-stakeholders operations,
  • An analysis of the requirements, guidance, standards and legal demands needed for future system developments,
  • An overview of methods to assess the resilience of critical infrastructures, including the demonstration of the new SmartResilience tool,
  • A demonstration of innovative technologies to support civil protection or emergency response organisations,
  • Information on how the EU can support the public procurement of innovative systems and tools.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to visit the main theatres of a live, cross-border resilience exercise taking place on Tuesday 16th April and organised by the Hungarian National Police.

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