One of SAYSO’s major objectives was to set-up a dedicated Network of stakeholders in the field of situational awareness such as practitioners, procurers and technology and solution suppliers to create the basis for future procurement actions related to Situational Awareness Systems for Multiple Stakeholders.

SAYSO also aimed at initiating a community of people – practitioners, experts from industry and academia, policy makers – interested in situational awareness innovation, and wanting to connect, be informed, engage and collaborate with other people in the SAYSO Community, and benefit from the information and knowledge resources available.

To this end, the project set up in 2018 the Situational Awareness Innovation Network EUrope (SA-IN-EU) hosted on the SA-IN-EU community platform:

The SAYSO Online Community Platform allows practitioners, suppliers, procurers, and policy makers to engage, exchange ideas and information with stakeholders from the Situational Awareness community, and to share resources and knowledge.

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As part of the significant project’s effort to set up and make work the SAYSO Network and Community, one of the first steps will be to implement the SAYSO Governance Body (SGB). The SGB will aim at developing a dialogue with the relevant institutional partners, allowing to take into consideration their views and concerns in the project. This will guarantee the alignment of SAYSO with current and future EU priorities related to crisis management as well as of practices and legislation at Member States level.

The SGB will include major stakeholders, including relevant European and international agencies and Member States policy and decision makers which will provide guidance to the SAYSO consortium during the project. In the long term, the SGB will be composed of practitioners, suppliers, procurers and representatives of organisations that have adopted the SAYSO specifications.

The SGB will contribute to the governance of the SAYSO Network and Community and will keep the SAYSO Specifications and Reference Architecture alive. It will also be the guardian of the SAYSO Charter of rules. This charter will specify the rights and duties of SAYSO Network and SAYSO Community members, responsible for enforcing its principles and updating it whenever necessary.

The SAYSO Advisory Board (SAB) provides guidance and advice to the SAYSO Consortium. The SAB is composed of a permanent small group of relevant leading experts with various expertise in order to ensure a wide range of dissemination and feedback.

The current members of the SAYSO Advisory Board are:

  • Matthias Max, German Red Cross, Head of Research and Civil Protection
  • Sandra Mezzadri MSB consulting, Consultant in the field of security, former Senior Officer European Defence Agency (EDA) and security procurement expert for EC
  • Dr Ingo Wieser, Austrian Ministry of Defence/Armaments and Defence Technology Agency (public procurement of military equipment)
  • Carl Daniels JESIP, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Diego Buriot, Independent consultant, former WHO Special Advisor
  • Floris den Boer, PIANOO (tendering expertise centre for the Dutch government), Senior advisor public procurement
  • Natacha Gesbert, French National Police College, Project Manager

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