The SAYSO project ended on 30th April 2019, after two years of collaborative work between the partners and with the members of the Situational Awareness Innovation Network EUrope (SA-IN-EU), a network of EU civil protection or emergency response practitioners, suppliers of SA technologies and public organisations (EU, national or local authorities).

During its two years of existence, SAYSO :

  • Gathered & identified a set of requirements of European practitioners & emergency responders for future Situational Awareness System for Multiple Stakeholders.
  • Analysed systems currently used, existing and new tools and features.
  • Defined the system specifications & a reference architecture of a MSSAS on basis of requirements and technical feasibility.
  • Established an EU Community Crisis Management Library.
  • Integrated relevant existing standards & input for future standardisation activities in shared situational awareness.
  • Provided information about process of Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) & Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI).
  • Provided a toolkit to Public Procurement Authorities for future procurement of SAYSO-compliant SAS (procurers handbook, tender documents).
  • Created an open call platform for future procurement activity, and online registry of suppliers and procurers of SAYSO-compliant system.
  • Established and maintained a sustainable network and community of practitioners, suppliers and procurers of MSSAS.

This page will provide you the links to all related information and results of the project. All public and approved SAYSO deliverables can also be found in the deliverables repository.

SAYSO's legacy is not in the hands of the SAYSO Governance Body (SGB) set up at the end of the project as part of the European Fire Association (EΦA), presided by Albrecht Broemme, president of THW, SAYSO coordinator.

The role of the SGB will be to:

  • Promote the topic of Situational Awareness and Situational Awareness tools, functions and systems in accordance with the SAYSO idea;
  • Guarantee the alignment of SAYSO recommendations with current and future EU priorities related to crisis management as well as of practices and legislation at member state level;
  • Decide on adaptations or evolutions to the research and development roadmap of the SAYSO Specifications and Reference Architecture;
  • Ensure the sustainibility of the SAYSO results by overseeing and supporting the access and use of the results beyond the end of the project.

More details on the SAYSO Governance Body can be found in a public report produced by the project (EC reference D5.9).

The results were obtained through a variety of activities:

  • Two surveys;
  • Various face-to-face meetings with practitioners;
  • An extensive literature review.

The above mentioned activities led to the production of the following reports:

The following work was produced by the SAYSO consortium:

  • An analysis of the input and output data formats used by EU crisis response organisations (EC reference D3.1);
  • A common EU Community Crisis Management Library collecting symbols, terminology and reference documents used across Europe (EC reference D3.2);
  • The design of specifications and a flexible reference architecture for future Situational Awareness systems integrating the most important requirements of EU practitioners and emergency responders collected by SAYSO (EC reference D3.3);
  • Proposing a roadmap for the future development of Multi-Stakeholders Situational Awareness Systems (EC reference D3.4);
  • Proposing a roadmap for the future standardisation activities related to MSSAS (EC reference D3.5).

SAYSO paved the way for the future procurement of SAYSO-compliant systems by producing the following work:

  • The production of the Procurers’ handbook (EC reference D4.3) and the necessary tender documents for the procurement of MSSAS (EC reference D4.2);
  • The creation of tools to help connect procurers to suppliers: the Supply and Demand Online Registry and the Open Call Platform (EC reference D4.4);
  • A presentation of Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) & Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) and of the tools provided by SAYSO to an audience during two public workshops (December 2018 and April 2019) and a procurers’ workshop (March 2019).

During its duration, SAYSO managed to:

  • Reach out to 450 contacts around Europe, 35 EU projects, 37 EU or member state-level associations of stakeholders, 335 followers on Twitter;
  • Organise 3 public workshops and 4 experts’ meetings;
  • Perform an extensive partner and project level dissemination;
  • Set up of the SAYSO Governance Body.

All SAYSO Dissemination, Communication & Community building actions are listed in a final report (EC reference D5.8).

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