SAYSO stands for “Standardization of Situational Awareness sYstems to Strengthen Operations in civil protection”. Dealing with crisis often requires crisis management coordination across several borders, within and between states. In order to take a decision and to set an action plan, the crisis manager has to be aware of the situation surrounding him/her. Being the crisis situation a trans-sectoral one, the situation cannot be perceived as a whole without sharing information with the actors involved. Current systems for sharing information in the context of Situational Awareness are not adapted to operate in cross-border contexts and present several shortcomings related to interoperability, data management/processing, decision making, standardisation and procurement. This hinders a reliable sharing of situational awareness information.

SAYSO will address these shortcomings and pave the way for a possible development of European standardised Situational Awareness Systems for Multiple Stakeholders by describing the “scenery” of present Situational Awareness Systems as well as the requirements for future systems. The approach followed in SAYSO is summarised in the figure below.

The SAYSO approach

Future users will be the forces in the operational field such as relief units of THW (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) or fire fighters and the higher-level strategic crisis management.

The system described aims at providing practitioners with user-friendly solutions, including a clear picture of the situation and relevant advice. Addressing both the technical and human aspects of technology implementation, SAYSO will define the specifications of future Situational Awareness Systems on the basis of practitioners’ requirements and specify the corresponding Reference Architecture to support the integration of various data into a common operational picture. Thus SAYSO will develop a well-grounded analysis and recommendation for the development of a standardised Situational Awareness System for Multiple Stakeholders. Pre-commercial procurement will also be addressed, as SAYSO will generate a toolkit for procurers and future research in this area, including templates for tender documents and a procurer’s handbook. Roadmaps for future research and standardisation efforts will also be prepared.

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