Impact on the EU response capacity

SAYSO will address the current shortcomings related to interoperability, data management/processing, and decision making and therefore contribute to improving the EU response capacity because all Civil Protection stakeholders (industrials, practitioners, procurers) will be involved to address both technical and human‐ factors related shortcomings.

Impact on the European innovation capacity and the integration of new knowledge

  • Using the Community Management Tool (CMT) developed by ARTTIC, SAYSO will allow social networking between practitioners, suppliers, procurers, and policy makers and thus catalyse innovation.
  • SAYSO will put Civil Protection practitioners in the driving seat of innovation, prioritising their challenges, identifying the associated innovation needs and opportunities and thus preparing the ground for future Pre‐Commercial Procurement (PCP), Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI), collaborative research and innovation actions.
  • SAYSO will facilitate the uptake of innovative practices and solutions by enabling suppliers of Multi‐Stakeholders Situational Awareness Systems to communicate with a large structured community of Civil Protection practitioners and procurers.
  • SAYSO ultimately will prepare the ground for policy innovation by providing a more accurate assessment of what research and innovation can contribute to future policies, both to enable them and to make them more effective.

Impact on policy

  • SAYSO will develop a roadmap for further standardisation activities targeting policy makers.
  • SAYSO will invite policy‐makers to further discuss and share information with the SAYSO Network and Community during the SAYSO Public
  • Workshops. The critical mass of practitioners gathered in the SAYSO Network and Community will allow to define and present the real needs for future policies and plans for research at national and European levels.

Impact on the economy and the market for situational awareness systems

  • SAYSO will improve the cost efficiency of decisions taken by crisis managers, since the deployment of resources will be tailor‐made to match the actual needs in terms of personnel and equipment.
  • SAYSO will support procurers in the creation of new lead markets in crisis management to provide innovative products and services focused on the needs of the Situational Awareness Community, and by bringing together the supply and demand sides within the SAYSO Network and Community.
  • SAYSO will bring together the supply and demand sides through their membership in the SAYSO Network and Community. This will offer both stakeholder groups a better understanding of needs, expectations, feasibility and near plans for the future of relevance for research and procurement of Situational Awareness Systems for Multiple Stakeholders.
  • SAYSO will provide tools to reduce the costs of future procurement of SAYSO compliant Situational Awareness Systems for Multiple Stakeholders. SAYSO will develop a toolkit for Situational Awareness Systems procurers, including tender documentation and a SAYSO Procurers Handbook (with the tools to evaluate Situational Awareness Systems tenders and assess their compliance with the SAYSO Specifications and existing standards). A registry of potential suppliers and procurers of Situational Awareness Systems will be set up, reducing the transaction costs for procurers and suppliers to interact with each other. Finally, SAYSO outputs will be made available at actual cost of reproduction.
  • SAYSO will contribute to enhanced standardisation and interoperability of future SAYSO‐compliant Situational Awareness Systems for Multiple Stakeholders, thus overcoming the fragmentation of national markets and helping to maintain global competitiveness of the European companies actives in the Situational Awareness Systems market.
  • Innovative SMEs will also benefit of this evolution. Today their marketing and sales efforts to reach other national markets than their own are often prohibitive. With a more concerted and less fragmented marketplace and the possibility to create relations with early adopting users at an early market development stage, SMEs will be offered opportunities for strong growth and hence bridging the “valley of death”, which is fatal to many SMEs before they reach a sufficient size.

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