In order to achieve its mission to develop innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly Multi‐Stakeholders Situational Awareness Systems, SAYSO will:

  • Provide legitimate specifications based on end‐users requirements (interoperability, cross‐border context, privacy, security, legal and ethical concerns) - Phase 1
  • Specify and rely on a common scalable, collaborative and customisable Situational Awareness Reference Architecture that will allow integrating existing and future Situational Awareness Systems. - Phase 2
  • Develop a toolkit and handbook for procurers of future SAYSO-compliant Situational Awareness Systems for Multiple Stakeholders and pave the way for future optimisation and standardisation. - Phase 3

All along the project, SAYSO will also involve practitioners, suppliers and procurers, institutions and policy makers to get widely accepted results and prepare future procurement actions at the EU level.



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