The SAYSO Consortium is composed of 12 partners from 8 different European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Sweden, and the United Kingdom).
The SAYSO partners have extensive experience in European collaborations, in particular in the area of Civil Protection. The SAYSO consortium will be coordinated by THW (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) and will include 3 practitioner‐users ensuring a strong practitioner‐user focus for the project and 9 expert users specialised in the different fields relevant for the project (procurement, standardisation, ICT architecture, human factors, ethics and legal aspects).

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Center for Security Studies

policies in Greece, established as a research centre since 2005, and aiming to support security policy implementations in Greece at a strategic level. A main objective of KEMEA is to bring together all national Law Enforcement Agencies (Police, Fire Service, Coast Guard, Civil Protection agency, etc.) and to enable them to collaborate together, interconnecting them with the corresponding agencies, research institutions and industry from around Europe.
KEMEA currently employs 58 highly qualified and experienced researchers and Security experts. These researchers and experts are specialised in various topics such as Crisis Management, Emergency Response, Civil Protection, Operational Readiness Exercises, International Relations, European Policy, etc.

Role in the project

KEMEA is active in knowledge transfer and innovation management in public services and supports the use of R&D results and the introduction of new technology.
In SAYSO, KEMEA will lead WP4 of the project, which is related to the preparation of the documentation and procedures to support future EU actions concerning Pre‐Commercial Procurement of relevant RTD services or Public Private Partnerships aiming to develop, test and validate situational awareness technology as defined in the context of SAYSO.

Personnel involved

Georgios Eftychidis

4, P. Kanellopoulou str., Αthens, GR-101 77, Greece

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