The SAYSO Consortium is composed of 12 partners from 8 different European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Sweden, and the United Kingdom).
The SAYSO partners have extensive experience in European collaborations, in particular in the area of Civil Protection. The SAYSO consortium will be coordinated by THW (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) and will include 3 practitioner‐users ensuring a strong practitioner‐user focus for the project and 9 expert users specialised in the different fields relevant for the project (procurement, standardisation, ICT architecture, human factors, ethics and legal aspects).

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ARTTIC is the leading European group specialised in collaboration engineering, consultancy and management services for international research and technology‐related partnerships. ARTTIC assists collaborative undertakings and in particular European research consortia and networks from all business and research sectors, small and large, private and public, to ensure their collaborative ventures are as successful as possible. Since its foundation in 1987 ARTTIC has provided and developed its expertise in European Union supported programmes such as FP7 and Horizon 2020 and national programmes (e.g. the Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir in France and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in Germany). ARTTIC is involved in a range business and technology sectors with specific expertise in the areas of: security; transport, including aeronautics, rail and space; health and biotechnologies; information technologies and telecommunications; energy; environment; industrial technologies and micro‐electronics. ARTTIC represents now a team of more than 90 professionals in France (Paris and Toulouse); Belgium (Brussels); Germany (Munich and Berlin); England (Derby) and Israel (Tel Aviv). ARTTIC forms a truly multi‐cultural team, composed of people from many different nationalities with a wealth of experience working on European projects.

Role in the project

In SAYSO, ARTTIC will be in charge of supporting the community management, networking activities, communication and dissemination activities in WP5 as well as the management related activities in WP6. ARTTIC will provide its extensive set of methods and tools for the management of collaborative projects, including its collaborative platform as well as its extensive experience in designing and successfully implementing ambitious dissemination and communication strategies.

Personnel involved

Christian Baumhauer


58A rue du Dessous des Berges, 75013 PARIS, France

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